Tinywarsgame.com (the other tinywars)

Just a quick note that there is an online anime tower defense game in the works. Andrew from Bizurk Software let me know about Tinywarsgame.com so we could help fans avoid confusion.

They are using Tinywarsgame.com. If you are looking for them, please head over to that domain name!

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During Reaper CON 2012 I managed to get some Heavy Gear Blitz demo’s in between teaching classes and helping folks. I already had their two-army starter box (with rules and dice also included). These are fairly involved miniatures; coming with approximately 10 pieces, some of which are optional (weapon swaps).

The Heavy Gear Blitz rules are a newer simplified version of the original rules and it shows. Very easy to learn and if you like Mecha, you’ll like these rules. Below is a WIP (Work in Progress) image of a table-top paintjob I’ve started. I’m fiddling with a few techniques for getting ’em done quick and simple.

I definitely went the long-way this time. I pre-assembled the mini and I missed a few areas for improved prepping. Clean edges make a difference on machines, so I’ll be fighting my prep-work a bit. Ok, less, talk, more painting:

Heavy Gear Head-Hunter WIP - Front View

Heavy Gear Head-Hunter WIP back view

Heavy Gear Head-Hunter WIP detail view

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Yup, investigating a Napoleonics game: Napoleon At War. The 18mm scale miniatures are nice. The infantry box I opened appears to have every miniature intact (pretty good for about 60-80 figures crossing the ocean.

Napoleon At War rulebook front cover

An odd thing is that the game materials advertise www.napoleonatwar.com, but it appears that they’ve either lost their domain, or failed to even acquire it. The official website is: http://www.manatwar.es/

Check it out. The game’s presentation is makes Napoleonics accessible. Looking forward to getting some Prussians on the table.

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Turner Watercolor Travel Box

Just a quick note for those that need help with their travel-kits. Laszlo Jakusovszky of Hot Lead Miniature Painting had a steam-punked out version of this at the 2011 Reaper CON and I just had to have one. There are several sizes, I purchased a large one so I could also bring the basic prepping tools along with me. Very useful if you want to attend conventions or take *something* along for a trip. Note that it is worth your time to find something to hold the brushes still. Shorter brushes will slide out of the brush holder.

Turner Watercolor Travel Box with various painting equipment on display

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A few of the local gamers are playing Privateer Presses’ Warmachine and Hordes tabletop games. Seeing as how I already had a few Cryx ferreted away in the closet, I purchased a little bit more and now have the following sets/figures. Wish me luck in getting these assembled and painted so I can lose due to poor army composition!

Cryx Battlegroup

Cryx Seether Warjack

Cryx Harrower Warjack

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LAMI Squad completed

My first Light Armored Mobile Infantry Squad painted to match the movie’s color scheme. Now to complete 2 more so I can field a legal platoon!


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Starship Troopers The Miniatures Game: Rippler Paint Scheme

I’m fairly certain this will be the paint scheme for at least one unit of Ripplers. It is not based on anything from the Starship Trooper Chronicles Saturday morning serial, but it’s vaguely reminiscent of what we called “Mud Daubers” when I was younger. No telling how accurate we were with the name, but I’m not too worried about that.

Rippler Paint Scheme

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Starship Troopers Miniatures progress report

I’ve just completed my first arachnid warrior milestone of 30 miniatures completely assembled and painted. In celebration I am sacrificing 3 LAMI troopers to the small horde of 30 warriors. nom nom nom! crunchy troopers!

3 LAMI going to their deaths for the greater good of earth!

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Starship Troopers Chronicles Easter Egg

I found an Easter egg in the made for TV saturday morning Starship Troopers Chronicles. It’s the episode where C.H.A.S. rescues Higgins. Check it out:

Manufactured by the extremely talented artists at Flat Earth Productions

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Starship Trooper Miniatures

I’ve always meant to collect Starship Troopers Miniatures and finally bit-the-bullet late 2010. Never being one to work on one army at a time I’m working on each of the three published armies. Wish me luck. Yes, I’m interested in some of the more unusual figures, so drop me a line if you have some you want to unload.

Here’s the last moments of existing for a LAMI sarge, a Skinnie advisor, and a roughly painted Power Armour dude:

Starship Troopers the Miniatures Game LAMI (Light Armour Mobile Infantry), Skinnies, Powered Armour Mobile Infantry and a few Arachnid Warriors pose for the intro shot

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