During Reaper CON 2012 I managed to get some Heavy Gear Blitz demo’s in between teaching classes and helping folks. I already had their two-army starter box (with rules and dice also included). These are fairly involved miniatures; coming with approximately 10 pieces, some of which are optional (weapon swaps). The Heavy Gear Blitz rules […]


Yup, investigating a Napoleonics game: Napoleon At War. The 18mm scale miniatures are nice. The infantry box I opened appears to have every miniature intact (pretty good for about 60-80 figures crossing the ocean. An odd thing is that the game materials advertise www.napoleonatwar.com, but it appears that they’ve either lost their domain, or failed […]

Turner Watercolor Travel Box

Just a quick note for those that need help with their travel-kits. Laszlo Jakusovszky of Hot Lead Miniature Painting had a steam-punked out version of this at the 2011 Reaper CON and I just had to have one. There are several sizes, I purchased a large one so I could also bring the basic prepping […]