During Reaper CON 2012 I managed to get some Heavy Gear Blitz demo’s in between teaching classes and helping folks. I already had their two-army starter box (with rules and dice also included). These are fairly involved miniatures; coming with approximately 10 pieces, some of which are optional (weapon swaps).

The Heavy Gear Blitz rules are a newer simplified version of the original rules and it shows. Very easy to learn and if you like Mecha, you’ll like these rules. Below is a WIP (Work in Progress) image of a table-top paintjob I’ve started. I’m fiddling with a few techniques for getting ’em done quick and simple.

I definitely went the long-way this time. I pre-assembled the mini and I missed a few areas for improved prepping. Clean edges make a difference on machines, so I’ll be fighting my prep-work a bit. Ok, less, talk, more painting:

Heavy Gear Head-Hunter WIP - Front View

Heavy Gear Head-Hunter WIP back view

Heavy Gear Head-Hunter WIP detail view

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