Turner Watercolor Travel Box

Just a quick note for those that need help with their travel-kits. Laszlo Jakusovszky of Hot Lead Miniature Painting had a steam-punked out version of this at the 2011 Reaper CON and I just had to have one. There are several sizes, I purchased a large one so I could also bring the basic prepping […]

Sculpey Clay Extruder

Also known as the Sculpey Clay Gun (in UK). I recently purchased this extruder with the intent of improved or quicker base preparation. Of course, I have to spend some time learning what does and does not work. Wish me luck! Front of the package: Back of the package:

Dragonborn Conversion

We are starting our first D&D 4.0 campaign and that means a new character (or two) and new figures to represent them! The first character that I am working on is a Dragonborn Warlord. My DM has been joking about the Reptus figure I’ve used for a few weeks, saying things like You still haven’t […]

Tools of the trade – miniature prepping

I’m about to teach a class at ReaperCON this weekend, so I’m going over common tools that I use. I’ve got more tools, but these are the ones I find myself using most often. The images are to scale within this article. The lower hash marks are inches, the upper hash marks are centimeters. Cutting […]

11-012 Ral-Partha Halfling Fighter/Thief

While not a showcase paint job, it’s good enough for RPG’ing… now, the story of how this one came about: Somewhere in the early 90’s I ran a 3rd edition AD&D game with a great group of people that I had met during college. One of the folks (Mike) ran a character named Brelvin. I […]